Diploma Types

General Education Diploma

Students who earn a general education diploma have successfully completed the 26 required courses for THS graduation.

Honors Diploma

As Defined by the state of Tennessee the following criteria are used to determine students who graduate with honors and/or distinction:

Honors Diploma:

Students who score at or above all the subject area readiness benchmarks on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT will graduate with state honors.

ACT national benchmark scores or SAT equivalent

  • English - 18

  • Math - 22

  • Reading - 22

  • Science - 23

Diploma of Distinction

As Defined by the state of Tennessee the following criteria are used to determine students who graduate with honors and/or distinction:

Diploma of Distinction:

Students will be recognized as graduating with “state distinction” by attaining a B or better average and completing one of the following:

* Earn a nationally recognized industry certification

* Participate in at least one (1) of the Governor’s Schools

* Participate in one (1) of the state’s ALL State musical organizations

* Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist

* Attain a score of thirty one (31) or higher composite score on the ACT

* Attain a score of three (3) or higher on at least two advanced placement exams

* Successfully complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (not currently offered at THS)

* Earn twelve (12) or more semester hours of transcripted post-secondary credit (Dual Enrollment



Special Education Diploma

  • Successful completion of an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

•    Satisfactory record of attendance and conduct

Occupational Diploma

In addition to the special education diploma requirements:

• Students must have a strong vocational and career focus. 
• It is an IEP Team decision made on or after the conclusion of the 10th grade or 2 years prior to exiting high school.
• Students must successfully complete the Skills, Knowledge, and Experience Mastery Assessment (SKEMA).

This is not a regular education diploma but students may continue to work toward their regular high school diplomas while pursuing occupational diplomas or after receiving an occupational diploma.

Alternate Academic Diploma

Implemented in 2018-19

Designed to provide access to rigorous and meaningful instruction for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. It is aligned to the coursework and ACT requirements of the regular diploma. In order to earn the AAD, a student must:

  • have participated in the high school alternate state assessments;
  • earned the prescribed 22 credit minimum;
  • received special education services or supports and made satisfactory progress on an individualized education program (IEP);
  • have satisfactory records of attendance and conduct; and
  •  completed a transition assessment(s) that measures, at a minimum, post-secondary education and training, employment, independent living, and community involvement.

    Students can receive an Occupational Diploma as well as an Alternate Academic Diploma.