Current Seniors

To request your transcripts:

  1. Bring business sized envelope, stamped, and addressed to the school(s) of choice, to the counseling office.  **Every school you apply to needs a transcript**

  2. Cost is $2.00 per transcript.  Make checks payable to THS.

  3. Print your first and last name on the inside of the envelope flap.

  4. Requests will be taken care of with immediacy.

  5. Admission applications MUST be completed prior to transcript being submitted.

                            Please do not seal the envelope!

Unofficial Transcripts

UNOFFICIAL transcripts:

  • unofficial transcripts are for personal use 
  • not commonly accepted by post-secondary institutions for acceptance purposes

UNOFFICIAL transcript requests:

  • fill out the form in the counseling office requesting a copy
  • unofficial transcripts are customarily given immediately upon request

Official Transcripts

OFFICIAL transcripts:

  • official transcripts must come directly from the counseling office  via mail, fax, or electronic database
  • should be sent AFTER the student applies to post-secondary institution(s) 

OFFICIAL transcript requests:

  • forms can be picked up in the counseling office or download here

Final Transcripts

FINAL official transcripts:

  • post-secondary institutions REQUIRE a final transcript after graduation
  • the procedure remains the same for all official transcript requests
  • forms can be picked up in the counseling office or download here

Alumni Transcript

Many times, former students find they need for a copy of their high school transcript.  

If you are an Alumni of THS and need a copy of your transcript, please download the necessary form and bring it to the counseling office. 


If you are a THS Alumni and find yourself in need of your high school transcript, please download the form and come by the counseling office!