Adv Manufacturing/Welding

Advanced Manufacturing is a critical sector of Tennessee’s economy. Compared to the national rate of 5.2 percent, job creation in Tennessee is soaring in manufacturing fields, accounting for $30.2 billion in manufactured goods exported every year and a nine percent overall increase over the last four years.  After several consecutive years of strong job gains, the demand for skilled workers shows no sign of slowing.

The Advanced Manufacturing cluster contains four programs of study. The Industrial Maintenance Technology program of study is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively perform basic industrial maintenance procedures in an advanced manufacturing facility. This program of study is designed for students that are interested in becoming a general maintenance and repair worker, industrial machinery mechanic, master mechanic, electromechanical technician, mechanical engineer, or electromechanical engineer. The Machining Technology program of study is designed for students interested in becoming a computer-controlled machine tool operator, a CNC machining tool programmer, or a machinist. The Mechatronics program of study is designed for students interested in becoming a mechatronics technician, electrical technician, mechanical engineering technician, robotics technician, or mechatronics engineer. Course content focuses on the components of manufacturing systems, collection and analysis of quality data, electronics, mechanics, fluid power systems, computers and control systems, and technical documentation and troubleshooting. The Welding program of study is designed to prepare and certify students as entry-level welders.

Welding Courses Offered:

  • Principles of Manufacturing
  • Welding I
  • Welding II
  • Manufacturing Practicum or Dual Enrollment TCAT Welding