Digital Arts

Broadly, individuals that work in the AV communications

industry manufacture, sell, rent, design, install, integrate, operate, and repair the equipment of audiovisual communications. They are involved in the presentation of sound, video, and data to groups in such venues as corporate boardrooms, hotels, convention centers, classrooms, theme parks, stadiums, and museums. The major activity sectors in the AV communications industry are distributive service firms (AV dealers, rental companies, consultants, designers, and related firms), manufacturers of AV presentations and communications products, and large end-users.

Most observers expect the job growth rate within AV industries to be at 20-30 percent for the foreseeable future. In just the AV systems technician field, the industry could expect to add 20,600 jobs annually.

Digital Arts & Design Courses Offered:

  • Digital Arts & Design I
  • Digital Arts & Design II
  • Digital Arts & Design III
  • Digital Arts & Design Practicum
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