THS Cosmetology students practice the art of highlighting hair.


THS students final dress rehearsal for an upcoming play

2018-2019 Clubs/Organizations


Sponsor:  Kelly Orr

Any student at Tullahoma High School that has a true interest in the fine arts is eligible for membership. The purpose is to encourage all students to appreciate and participate in the fine arts, and to promote, develop and conduct educational programs and activities for these purposes.


Sponsor:  Sharon Woodard

DECA, an association of marketing students, is open for any student who is or has been enrolled in marketing education. DECA is recognized internationally in all 50 states, four territories, Canada, and Germany. Student activities evolve around the four points of the DECA Diamond – vocational understanding, civic consciousness, leadership, and social intelligence. Competition in all areas of marketing is offered at region, state, and inter-national levels.


Sponsor:  Valerie Robinson

FBLA is an education association of students preparing for careers in business and business related fields. The purpose of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Competition is offered at the regional, state, and national levels. Membership is open to any student that has an interest in a business career. Dues are $15.00.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Sponsor:  John Olive

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to all students involved in school athletics and interested in Christian fellowship. Devotionals are held in the gymnasium by student members and outside speakers. Weekly meetings are held in members’ homes.


Sponsor:  Shannon Titus

Inter-curricular student organization for health science and technology courses. Students not in health science classes, but who are in a math or science course, may join. Activities are centered on community service and student health. Students enjoy developing leadership and career skills. Students also have the opportunity to take part in local and state competitions and workshops. Local dues - $3.00; state and national dues - $15.00.

Key Club

Sponsor:  Melissa Tinnel

The Key Club is a service club designed to serve the school and the community. Members are selected by invitation, but any student in good standing may apply. Each year a major service project is undertaken.

Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsors:  Amber Charboneau and Candace Terry

The Tullahoma High School chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club was chartered in 1983. This honorary organization was formed to foster keener interest in mathematics, to develop sound scholarship in the subject, and to promote enjoyment of mathematics among Tullahoma High School students. Membership is open to any student who has completed five semesters of college preparatory mathematics with a 3.5 GPA and no more than one C grade. The Faculty Council will choose students considered for admission. Members attend meetings at which mathematics topics are discussed. These topics range from number theory to probability and are topics not usually discussed in class. Members also perform tutorial services and participate in regional math contests.

National English Honor Society

Sponsors:  Charlie Hickerson and Ragan Osborne

 The THS English Honor Society, formerly known as Barrett-Browning Club, is an honorary literary organization for students who have completed five semesters of English with a 4.0 English grade point average and a 4.0 overall grade point average. The Faculty Council will select students considered for admission. The organization promotes an interest in the literary arts and service to others. Meetings are held monthly and may include attendance to out-of-town plays as well as local productions. A one-time induction fee of $10.00 covers national registration, membership certificate, and full Society benefits.

National Honor Society

Sponsor:  Desiree Vannatta

The Tullahoma High School National Honor Society organization is a chapter of a national organization created to recognize and foster academic achievement while developing scholarship, character, service, and leader-ship. The THS Chapter of National Honor Society is open for membership by invitation only to those students who have a 4.00 GPA after five semesters of high school study. A faculty council, appointed by the principal, will select students who have indicated their interest in membership. Membership in this organization is recognized as an honor and an obligation. Members serve THS by providing tutoring to fellow students. The organization is also involved in several projects to earn money to finance the Norman Scholarship to a deserving senior selected by the faculty at the end of the year.

Renaissance Action Team

Sponsor:  Shannon Duncan

Spanish Club

Sponsors:  Allison Brown, Mandy Moore, and Shari Zimmerman

The Spanish Club provides its members enrichment through the use of films, music, dances, games and food. The club provides an opportunity to use Spanish in a social atmosphere and gives time to study the culture of the Spanish speaking countries. Membership is open to student in Spanish classes.

Rifle Team

Sponsors:  Col. Jeff Johnson and Sgt. Major Richard Ramirez

Marksmanship is an exciting and rewarding sport as well as an integral part of the MCJROTC curriculum. With an emphasis on safety, the MCJROTC Marksmanship curriculum allows cadets to develop pride and a sense of accomplishment as they become more proficient with their marksmanship skills.  Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting is the most popular and fastest growing form of shooting sports competition for youth of high school age or younger. The Sporter Air Rifle is designed for new competitors or those who desire to compete with a minimum of equipment and expense. Competitors fire at targets at a distance of 10 meters in three different positions, prone, standing and kneeling. Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with competitive shooting sports opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible or easily constructed ranges, with equipment that is commonly available at affordable costs. Competition breeds excellence in this program.  A cadet must be willing to put forth the effort and dedication needed to acquire and maintain their expertise.  Scholarship opportunities await for those who are very good and compete at the highest National Level.

Skills USA

Sponsors:  Randy Edwards, Keith Gilliam, Jerry Green, and Janice Vanzant

SKILLS USA is a national organization for boys and girls enrolled full-time in trade and industry, technical, and health educational classes.

The goal of VICA is to help students with interests in the trade, industrial, technical, or health fields become happy, mature and productive citizens. Any student enrolled in these classes full-time may become a member. District and state contests in each vocational area are sponsored by SKILLS USA.

Student Council

Sponsors:  McKenzi Fanning and Amy Sisk

The THS Student Council is the official representative group of the student body. It is a service organization serving the school and community. The purpose of the Student Council is to create a greater sense of responsibility, to promote understanding and respect between faculty and students, to develop citizenship and leadership, and to represent the student body in all phases of high school life. StuCo promotes school spirit and sponsors many school-wide activities, including football and basketball homecoming weeks and the Talent Show. The student body elects Student Body Officers, who are presiding officers of student council. Elections are in the spring. Class officers are also leaders of Student Council and are elected by each grade level in August to serve that school year. In addition to officers, general membership in Student Council is open to any student from all grade levels that participate in StuCo activities and pay dues of $10.

STUCO seniors and juniors will participate in the Freshman Orientation in the fall.

Requirements for Student Council Officers (Includes Student Body Officers and Class Officers, unless noted otherwise):

  • Must be active member of Student Council for one year prior to running for office (does not apply to class officers.)
  • Minimum “C” average for previous semester.
  • Student body president should not hold the elected office of president in another THS club or organization at the same time.
  • Student Council Officers may not run for class officer.
  • Must have faculty recommendation.
  • Must attend informational meetings prior to election; complete student government application packet; obtain 20 signatures of support; meet all deadlines set by sponsors.
  • Must follow all guidelines for campaigning.
  • May be removed from office for any of the following: improper conduct; failure to complete service projects, fund-raising projects, attend meetings or contribute service to major StuCo activities.

Thespian Society

Sponsor:  Aaron Miller

THS Singers


Sponsor:  Liberty Dickman

The yearbook is a publication that reflects the events and lives of the school and the people in it. Students create a yearbook using design, photography and selling and marketing of the book they are creating.

Extracurricular activities shall include those activities in which a student participates voluntarily and without credit.

Curricular activities shall include those activities in which a student receives credit, but performs a regular portion of the activity outside the school day. The student must meet the above standards in order to participate in the after school portion of the activity.

Since social sororities and fraternities are neither school sponsored, nor under school control, all activities concerning these groups are to be conducted outside of the school or school-sponsored activities. This includes any type of initiation activities or disruptive group dress. Announcements will not be made for fraternity or sorority activities.