THS Library

Students in grades 9-12 have many THS library resources available for their use. Resources may be used in the library during school hours. Up to 3 books (other than reference books) may be checked out for a 2 week period - unless they are needed for special "in-library" class projects. Desktop computers and a printer are available. Copy machines are also available for a minimal charge.

Teachers may schedule their classes to come to the library for special assignments. Individual students may visit the library during school hours with a written pass from a teacher. All freshmen attend a library orientation at the beginning of the school year. Other library instruction may include: steps in the research process, using databases, using eBooks, writing research papers, writing resumes, how to find information, evaluating sources.

Library acquisitions are based on the needs of the students and teachers at THS.

Accessing THS eBooks

Click on the link below, "Click Here to Search Our Online Catalog".  At the top, click on the catalog tab.  Type in the search bar what you are searching for.  Then press either the Title, Author, or Subject tab.  (If you press "enter" on your keypad, you will automatically search all options.)

If there is an eBook available, you will see the letter e in a square under the title.  On the right, it will tell you if that title has "Unlimited copies" or if there is only one copy available for download.  Click "Open".  You will need to type in your ID number as both the username and password.  (Students use their THS student ID number - NOT their lunch number.  Students who do not know their student number should 1. Log into Skyward 2. Click on the Report Card tab 3. Choose Internal Id.  Internal Id IS the student number.  Teachers, you can email Mrs. Holiday to get your Follett ID number.) You can now start reading.  IF you would like to checkout this book, go to the task bar and click on "Book Option".  (It looks like an open book with a checkmark symbol.) Click "Checkout Book."

If your book has been checked out, you can retrieve it later by returning to the THS catalog and logging back in with your ID number in the upper right corner ("Log In").  On the Destiny Quest page, click the "My Info" tab, and you will see your downloaded eBook.  Click on the book, then "Open."  It will take you to the page where you left off reading.

eBooks will automatically be checked back into the THS library 2 weeks after it is first checked out.

Click Here to Search Our Online Catalog

Chris Holiday | Library Media Specialist

Anne Schwamb | Library Assistant