Mission:  The library is a vital part of the school, continually expanding and changing to meet the needs and requests of the students and staff.  Our primary goal is to provide resources to supplement the instructional program for the classroom and for individual use.  In the THS Library, users will find varied materials including books, newspapers, and, electronic sources.

Library Guidelines

The library is a place designed for research and enjoyment.  Patrons should be aware of other users’ rights.  Be courteous and considerate of others, abide by library policies, and be sure to ask a librarian if you need assistance.

  1. Talk quietly to avoid disturbing other library users.
  2. Push in chairs and leave the area where you worked clean.
  3. No food in the library.  Bottled water is permitted at the tables only.
  4. Cell phones are not permitted between 8:15 am – 3:15 pm.
  5. The computer guidelines outlined in the student handbook apply to computer use in the library.
  6. Handle all library materials, furniture, and equipment with care.  Patrons will be required to pay for damage to or loss of books,  etc.

Library Hours
Monday thru Friday -  7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. 
(Early closing for faculty meetings or other events will be posted)

  • The THS Library is closed during all-school assemblies.
  • During the school day, students need a pass from their teacher to come to the library.
  • Students may come to the library during lunch, but must stay for the entire lunch period.

Library Handbook